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Donning Frames

The frame holds the stocking open so you can stick your foot in it and push down.


Works best with closed toe stockings. You can use it sitting by pulling on the handles or standing by stepping in to it. For the standing technique you will need to have sufficient balance to lift one foot up high enough and push in. For the sitting technique you will need to have some flexibility in your ankle and be able to reach to your ankle to grab the handles. It does require some adjusting after to get the heel in the right place.


  • Allows you to use the stronger leg muscles or even your body weight to step into the stocking to get the stocking past the heel.
  • Works well for many of my patients.
  • Low cost compared to the larger versions.


  • For standing it does require good balance.
  • For sitting it requires you to reach your ankles.
  • Often requires re-adjusting of the heel placement.
  • Works for open toe but have a tendency to push the stocking too far back on the foot.
  • It does require some grip strength to load the stocking on the frame.
  • Does not work well with wider ankles or calfs. We recommend getting a wider frame like the Sigvaris.

Combine with:

  • Grip gloves
  • Juzo Easy Pad for final adjusting
  • Easy slide to decrease friction.

 This is how it works



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Oct 13, 2015
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